The Agency Management Institute and Audience Audit recently released a new study, Hiring and Firing Insights 2015 and you should definitely check it out. They surveyed over 500 marketing decision-makers to “better understand the circumstances and motivations behind the hiring and firing of advertising and marketing agencies.” Download it here at no cost. A few […]

And Persistent.      Okay.  I said it.  AGAIN. We do talk about polite persistence a lot at RSW/US.  Actually, we do more than TALK about it, we practice it.   But if you’re a bit weary of us talking about being “politely persistent” in pursuit of new business prospects for clients, we could call […]

There are three words of wisdom I live by and have impressed upon our team since the start of the business 10 years ago (11/11/2005). Add value Continuously re-invent Stay true to your core Actually there’s a fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh that are more important than any of these three: Be nice, respectful, thankful, […]

I’ve been on a jag lately in regards to clarity and conciseness in your new business messaging. (Well, not just lately, actually constantly.) Any time I write an email, a letter-whatever vehicle I may be using to prospect-I always ask myself, “How can I make this shorter, more concise and more relevant to the prospect?” […]