The Agency Management Institute and Audience Audit recently released a new study, Hiring and Firing Insights 2015 and you should definitely check it out. They surveyed over 500 marketing decision-makers to “better understand the circumstances and motivations behind the hiring and firing of advertising and marketing agencies.” Download it here at no cost. A few […]

And Persistent.      Okay.  I said it.  AGAIN. We do talk about polite persistence a lot at RSW/US.  Actually, we do more than TALK about it, we practice it.   But if you’re a bit weary of us talking about being “politely persistent” in pursuit of new business prospects for clients, we could call […]

A recent article from eMarketer shows that 74% of B2B sales people who exceeded their sales quotas in 2014 are highly effective in using social media. Curiously, results of our own New Business Tools Survey show that although agencies report Social Media being the #1 tool they use for new business development, more than half […]

There are three words of wisdom I live by and have impressed upon our team since the start of the business 10 years ago (11/11/2005). Add value Continuously re-invent Stay true to your core Actually there’s a fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh that are more important than any of these three: Be nice, respectful, thankful, […]

I’ve been on a jag lately in regards to clarity and conciseness in your new business messaging. (Well, not just lately, actually constantly.) Any time I write an email, a letter-whatever vehicle I may be using to prospect-I always ask myself, “How can I make this shorter, more concise and more relevant to the prospect?” […]

Several years ago, I was a Regional Sales Director for a small company that grew and packaged specialty lettuces and greens. At the core of the product line was a lovely salad-like green known as “mâche” or lamb’s lettuce.  Mâche is very much a niche item, and the company’s marketing budget was tiny. The Marketing […]