It’s my privilege to introduce a guest post from Sharon Toerek, a Principal of Toerek Law, a firm that focuses on counseling ad, marketing and creative agencies on their industry-specific legal issues.  Legal basics and nuances within the agency/marketing services firm landscape aren’t addressed often enough, and so I was thrilled when Sharon agreed to […]

  In physics perhaps, position is relative. In the agency new business world, however, a “relative position” could place you off the chart. Of the many intriguing insights exposed through our 2016 Thought Leader Survey, one is: Although the six participating Thought Leader panelists posed questions across a range of topics, the importance of strong, differentiated […]

Marketers must feel like they live under a waterfall with the steady volume of agency new business contacts they receive each week.  We DO talk with a lot of them every day, and a common refrain we hear is some variation of: “Do you know how many (fill in the blank: calls, emails, letters, etc.) […]

2016 RSWUS Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey Report

We’re excited to release our second annual Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey Report this week. You can download it here: 2016 RSW/US Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey Report. Because we typically generate questions for our quarterly surveys, we thought it would be insightful to get perspective from some of the industry’s leading agency new […]

It’s my pleasure to introduce a guest post by Brian Shea, founder of Shea Consulting.  Brian helps agencies improve their new business efforts through CRM, sales process improvement, and marketing automation. He’s been working with organizations to build their business development practices since the early 2000’s. While I was aware of his work with agencies, […]

PepsiCo has it right and has given its marketing people and the agencies involved with the account an early Christmas present. Ad Age reported in an article recently they’re eliminating procurement’s involvement in making decisions as it relates to marketing and agencies.  Amen!  Hallelujah! I’m all for procurement. I think it serves a noble purpose…when buying […]