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You’ve waited for this day: the anticipated big meeting with the oh-so-desirable prospective client. Being excited, enthusiastic and energetic is understandable, and overall a great thing: your enthusiasm, your passion for, and your understanding of the prospect’s business assure them your firm can be a good potential marketing partner. And still there are times when […]

Let’s get this out of the way now-I basically have a man-crush on Kurt Russell. I still count The Thing and Escape From New York as two of my favorite sci-fi movies ever. And this art show on the man (Kurt Russell Is Getting His Own Art Show Because Sometimes the World Is a Good […]

The theory of the summer slump is a myth.  A fairy tale. We called this out in a post a few weeks ago, New Business Development “Summer Slump” … Feeling lonely as a Mars Rover?. That post argues that the summer slump is something we create by buying into the notion it has basis in […]

Newsflash: selling is tough and agency new business can be even tougher. Our new business directors operate on principles of polite persistence, consistency and reaching out with value. We strive to avoid overly aggressive reach-outs, generic messaging and the crappy tricks we see some salespeople use. And speaking of those crappy tricks, here are a […]

Some things never change in agency new business development.  Like the daily “battle”, we fight trying to prove out to marketing agencies that we aren’t just another one of those hundreds of other lead generation firms with fancy names emailing agencies about how they can help them win it all. We have a number of […]

I talked about my recent inclusion in the latest HubSpot agency survey report and the risk of relying on referrals in this post. There’s some good information on pricing, rates and hiring in the report, and also an interesting section on new business. And if the key stats from that section (below) represented a new […]

With the release of the new RSW/US infographic, Ups and Downs of Agency New Business, last week’s post told the story of a down: a “horror story” about a new business development prospect opportunity that went from hot to cold, seemingly at the click of the “Send” icon. Thinking they were being efficient, the agency sent […]

I was pleased to be included in the latest HubSpot survey report, The Agency Pricing & Financials Report. New business is covered (with interesting results) but the bulk covers pricing, rates, and hiring, some great info for agency principals. And specifically in regards to new business, Jami Oetting, a section editor for HubSpot’s Blog, was kind enough to ask […]

As we were developing the Ups and Downs of Agency New Business infographic, a colleague here at RSW/US who is a New Business Director, shared a “down” that relates closely to “Level 4” of the infographic: Manage the Meeting. This experience happened about five years ago, but was so painful, the memory still haunts. The […]