You should check out John Barrow’s “Filling The Funnel” blog if you’re not familiar. He gives good, practical sales advice in a straightforward style-well worth a read. Specifically, his post, Pick Up The Phone, resonated with me.  The phone gets short shrift these days as a sales tool and that’s a mistake. When agency principals […]

This final post on my three-part series, Release Your Inner Curator, provides the fifth and final step in the content curation process. In addition, I’ve provided some thoughts on worthwhile curation apps available to simplify the process. Step Five: Share your curated content Sharing your findings can be as simple sending them in an email […]

We recently began a blog series showing how to gear up a content curation program of your own.  Part I included these steps: Set your curation strategy. Choose a topic.   Steps three and four follow here. Step Three: Gather sources You no doubt follow and read trade publications that are relevant to your industry […]

That’s a stat from the recent deck of new business playing cards we released. It’s not a surprising stat from my perspective, it’s the world I live in (agency new business, that is) but on its face, it really is crazy that almost 70% of agencies have no plan for new business, having said that, […]

  If you read our recent post, “Is your blogging bad? Maybe you should try content curation…,” you may be starting to feel your inner curator stirring.  The post introduced the idea of content curation for new business development. Over the next three weeks, we’ll show the steps you can take to gear up a […]

Your blog, no matter how good it is, will never beat the internet.  It just can’t. For an agency, seeking to engage with an audience by adding value to their lives with meaningful content, here’s one stat to consider.  According to WordPress, their users produce 64.3 million new posts a month! 64.3M with a capital […]