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RSW/US Survey: Is the Advertising Industry Adapting Well to the Modern World? Good news, Agencies!!  Marketers say yes. This is an upbeat finding of the RSW/US 2016 Agency New Business Survey Report: marketers generally see the advertising industry adapting well to the “modern world”. Our recent post,  If our Agency new Business Survey was a […]

Why is it harder to obtain new business? In our latest report, we asked agencies if it was harder to obtain new business in 2016-43% said it’s harder or a lot harder in 2016 versus 2015. Next we asked why, and the predominant answer by far (63%) was it’s harder to break through. That’s undoubtedly […]

Respondents to the RSW/US 2016 Agency New Business Survey expressed that it is somewhat harder in 2016 to obtain new business than last year. The combined percentage of agencies responding that obtaining new business is either “a lot harder” or “harder” increased to 43% in the 2016 survey, compared to 35% collectively in our 2014 […]

In our latest agency new business survey report, we asked: Have you hired a full-time new business hunter/director/manager (as part of your staff) to prospect for leads for your agency in the past three years? Here’s that 3-year breakdown: 33% of new business directors at agencies last a year. 46% last 2 years. Only 21% […]