Client Loyalty, Project Work and Agency New Business I had an agency principal describe his current feelings toward the agency business recently, and on the whole, he still enjoys what he does, has a strong agency and is, for the most part, keeping up with new business. But he’s staying about the same year over year, […]

200 marketing agency executives and senior level marketers across the United States and Canada completed the 2017 RSW/US New Year Outlook survey during December, 2016. 2017 RSW/US New Year Outlook Survey Report   Download it here and featured in Adweek: New Study Finds That Agencies and Marketers Are Still at Odds in 2017  2017 Outlook for Advertising […]

Agency new business. Never static. Always changing. This includes the tools you use, the process you employ, and the people that support the program. It also includes an objective look at what’s working and not working on an on-going basis. Just left a meeting with a current marketing agency client that has been with us […]

The good news: heading into last year, ad agency employment reached its highest level since 2001. Given the tumultuous and ever-evolving nature of the industry, especially post-2008, it’s fantastic to see-but from a new business standpoint, the good times tend to make agencies forget a few things. New Business Insurance? Why and what is this […]

61 wins for our agency clients in 2016! How sweet it is! We set closing goals for our clients every Quarter…and every Quarter this year we exceeded those goals, which made the entire RSW/US organization feel great! It was about 7 years ago (we started in 2005) that we changed the orientation of our firm […]

Something about a dropping ball should make any performer nervous on New Year’s Eve, I would think. I know.  You’ve probably already heard far more than you ever wanted to or imagined you would about Mariah’s monumental moment on New Year’s Eve. A frustrating way to end 2016 for her, I’m sure.  Still a great […]