Agency Chemistry

I just completed two agency searches on the RSW/AgencySearch side of our business and both really brought to life the importance of two types of chemistry during an agency search. Chemistry as we all traditionally know it – client-agency chemistry is of central importance. If the marketing client doesn’t feel good about you or your […]

Agency self selection

Prospecting is a funny game.  There are times when prospects you never expect to materialize or possess great value, prove to be your best clients. I’ve seen it on our side of our business as we reach out to agencies to learn more about their agency new business needs. Bigger isn’t always better in the […]

Our blog series focusing on our latest report, The RSWUS-Mirren 2017 New Business Tools Report. 2017 Agency New Business Tools Report-Social Media: Punch Drunk And Not In Love Oh social media, when it comes to driving new business, you are indeed punch drunk. For yet another year, social media is the most-used category, as reported […]

How do your clients perceive you, in terms of your services? Do you have certain clients who only take advantage of only one or two aspects of your business? The answer to the second question is often yes, and you need to work to change that perception. Easier said than done I realize, and there […]

This RSW/US Client Win For a Midwest Full-Service Agency resulted from maintaining a relationship with the prospect. The prospect was settling into a new role, and so it was key the RSW new business director didn’t pounce on him, as so often happens. Instead, the RSW NBD consistently, but respectfully, stuck with the prospect, showing […]

We’re excited to partner with Mirren again this year to release the RSWUS-Mirren 2017 Agency New Business Tools Report. Thank you to all of you who participated, we had a solid turnout of 400 agencies this year. You can download it at no cost here! We’re consistently told by agencies that this report holds up as a […]

Coming off the Mirren New Business Conference, I’m reminded again that the struggles larger agencies have with new business are no different than the struggles small to mid-sized agencies go through. Different in scale?  Sure, but much the same. Big Or Small-Agencies Have The Same New Business Challenges A consistent approach, agency positioning, new business […]

Agency New Business Sales

When I started RSW/US in 2005, the industry was very “used car salesman like” in its reputation and the industry was in its infancy. Over the years, I’d like to think that we brought some legitimacy to the industry.  We helped the industry grow and along with some of our competitors, we were able to […]