Blasphemy! You don’t want to be the AOR? Explain. And so I will. In a normal day, I talk to multiple agencies, and a little while back, I had a conversation with an agency principal that stuck with me. He described a client they had: a Fortune 500 company they’d worked with for 3 years […]

Agency new business often comes in the form of an initial project, and that’s not a bad thing, but agencies don’t often think long-term about avoiding the new business hit and run. What is this new business hit and run you speak of? I can’t take credit for the term, one of our clients threw […]

A pro tip on why you have to stick with prospects, and before you think to yourself, “yes, Lee, we’re aware of that”, hear me out. Late last week kicked off the 4th of July holiday (although what I’m telling you applies to your new business program regardless of timing) and on Thursday I got […]

We don’t post a lot on our company philanthropy efforts here on the blog, we typically save that for our Facebook page, but we are proud of the work that we do throughout the year and wanted to share. We volunteered recently in the city we work in, Madiera, Ohio, and helped mulch and clean […]