What do you do when your agency wins an award? The average agency does one or all of these: -Puts them on the shelf/in the case with the other awards -Spreads the word that “we won an award” on Twitter, LinkedIn, FB, etc. -Sends out an email making the announcement to prospects -Celebrates And you […]

Old brain

We had our New Business Directors (and me) sit through a day-long sales training session. The purpose was partly to help them improve their effectiveness as they reach out on behalf of their marketing agency clients. The other purpose was to further educate them on ways they can help their marketing agency clients move opportunities […]

For this post, I want to give a shout-out-to all of you in the new business trenches, whether you’re a new business director or a partner at your firm. It’s no newsflash to point out that this business is hard. A short, entertaining story to illustrate my point (at my expense): When I started at […]

There was a panel at Advertising Week in New York of independent agency leaders who were all asked: Is now a good time to open an advertising agency? (I’m sure you have thoughts on the question.) Spoiler alert-the answer was a resounding yes from the panel and I think the recap on The Drum is […]

We recently completed a series of internal sharing session with our New Business Directors.  The purpose was to exchange best practices used when reaching out to marketers. Our first in this series focused on email practices:  Tips & Tricks #1 This second post will focus the things we do to help our clients close business. […]