In our New Year Outlook Survey, we asked marketers and agencies about challenges for 2018. Two articles resonated with me on the topic, and I think will with you as well. But first, several comments agencies offered when asked what they believe will prove to be the biggest challenge they will face in 2018: “Confusing […]

In our 2018 RSW/US New Year Outlook Report, we unearthed a significant shift in the market that might have bigger, full-service shops concerned. Today, more so than years past, marketers are looking to fill specialty talent voids left by their roster shops at what could be considered an aggressive pace. In 2013, only 47% of […]

On the subject of marketing spending expectations by type of media in our New Year Outlook Report, a bit of background to start: 2017 is the first year where marketers and agencies are actually aligned, versus previous years: In 2011, 85% of agencies believed their marketing counterparts would “Somewhat” or “Significantly” increase their Social Media […]