Welcome back to Don’t Send this Email! In our past editions, Part I and Part II, we took real emails we received and broke down why they were ineffective. Really ineffective. (As in past posts, I’m not naming names of companies or people, not the point of this exercise.) What is the point? Always be […]

An article in Adweek focuses on the 2018 Agency Productivity Report from Canadian software company Function Point (in partnership with the Agency Management Institute, or AMI) and points out: More than four in 10 respondents said they don’t track their team’s time accurately, and 68.8 percent often face communication breakdowns, which they blame on inaccurate […]

Have you watched Lifetime network’s Married at First Sight? If you’re unfamiliar, the premise is singles, yearning for a life-long partnership, who agree to a provocative proposal: getting legally married to a stranger the moment they first meet. The couples don’t meet until they walk down the aisle and see each other face-to-face, for the […]

Target Lists

We just introduced a new self-service marketing contact list offering called RSW/Lists (www.rswlists.com). All contact information is verified every 90 days, making it one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest in the country. We built up the list completely separate from any of our client programs for the purpose of helping agencies work with […]

Always a good idea to revisit the basics.  For those of you handling new business internally, we’ve written before on how hard it is to initially break through to prospects. Once you have broken through, however, the process has just started. Next comes your first meeting, and the steps afterward.  We talk with our own […]