30-50% of the meetings we get clients turn into a proposal opportunity.  I’m kicking off this post with that stat, because recently I’ve had several conversations with agency prospects who’ve asked about the other 50%. I don’t get asked it a lot, but I like it when I do, and I bring it up regardless. […]

Beautiful lists

Building quality marketing lists had always been the bane of our existence at RSW/US. Not any more.  Not since our launch of RSW/Lists, the first guaranteed accurate, self-service list sales website in the country. We would subscribe to different services and no matter the service, the quality of the marketing lists we’d buy were never […]

We’re big believers in celebrating along with our clients when we help them close business. As part of that, we’ve created our latest case study and accompanying win video to highlight the path to success. Agency New Business Case Study: Corporate Responsibility and Purpose-Driven Marketing Brand Strategy Agency  You can read the entire case study via the link above, […]

I tweeted out a post (Why Aren’t You Using The Phone For Agency New Business?) on the importance of picking up the phone for agency new business this week and happened to come across a post on the Sales Hacker blog that makes for an excellent companion piece. And more than that, the post brings […]

I’ve had prospects and clients alike question the efficacy of blogging for agency new business.  Or just blogging, period. You should be doing it, and here’s why. I spoke with an agency prospect this week who told me about a client he lost the previous year who represented 45% of the agency’s business. You know […]