An Adweek article and a conversation about clients who favor tactics versus problem-solving gave me inspiration for this post. Starting with the article: it’s titled It’s Time for Brands to Go Back to Basics and Entice Consumers With Strong Design and Copy, and it I think most agencies need to read it in order to help […]

You’re taking care of your clients and working hard to grow your agency, in the meantime all kinds of agency new business challenges get in the way. Far too often, you are one of those challenges: Get out of your own way. Typically you don’t even realize it or have the best of intentions, nevertheless, […]

In our third and final mini-infographic highlighting key takeaways from our 2018 RSW/US-Mirren New Business Tools Report, we focus on the tools agencies are using for prospect business intelligence. This was a new category for us in 2018 and the results underlined a positive trend we saw throughout the report: Agencies are taking more time […]

This is the second in our series of mini-infographics that highlight key takeaways from our 2018 RSW/US-Mirren New Business Tools Report. In this infographic, we look at overall effectiveness of new business tools by category, and you told us resoundingly that there’s work to be done. Looking at 5 of the main categories, Social Media, […]