A big thank you to AMI (Agency Management Institute) for my guest post, Be Wary of the New Business Development Director With the Legendary Prospecting Network. You can read it below in its entirety. There is a great dilemma many agency owners face time and time again: Do you hire an internal new business development person […]

I always find it interesting when some agencies start working with us and tell us they really don’t find themselves in a pitch situation very often, or at least traditionally haven’t needed to. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, although more and more firms are finding themselves having to pitch more often. Generally, I find […]

I was at a new client kickoff meeting when the subject of “hunting the whale” came up.  There were apparently a group of agencies in town whose central new business strategy was focusing on 5 to 10  large prospects, with the thinking being they would employ a laser-focused strategy, in-depth research, and irresistible bait in […]