Several of us here in the office made a day trip to Akron, OH for a meeting, and a member of our team (nice recommendation, Steve) suggested we have lunch at a local/regional favorite, Swensons Drive In, where we found Swenson’s employees sprinting on the job.  You’ll understand momentarily, but here’s a hint: if you […]

In a recent consulting engagement with an agency in the Southeast, I reviewed several of their agency new business processes: pitching, presenting and proposals, including RFPs won and lost. I had them present a recently lost pitch to help me get a complete look at how they manage the development of their content for new […]

I attended a presentation from new business leaders at their respective agencies on new business success, and there was an interesting dichotomy between the individuals on stage and in the audience. The five on stage all worked at agencies that were part of major holding companies.  The audience, conversely, as shown by a show of […]

I’m going down a rabbit hole with this one, but it’s a topic near and dear to my “sales email” heart. That is, leading a sales email with “Hi, I hope you’re well.” May seem like a minor thing, and maybe it is, but the topic, or practice, comes up more than you might think. […]

3 Takeaways Ep 23-Is Client Turnover Making You Uncomfortably Numb?

Is Client Turnover Making You Uncomfortably Numb? This episode comes from a conversation I had with an agency principal. Overall, this principal said he was optimistic about the industry, but struggled with the lack of client loyalty, the RFP slog and potential clients constantly shopping. Our 3 Takeaways provides you with some important food for […]