It’s time to address your sad, sad new business emails, it is indeed. Although I hope they’re not literally your emails, because if you’re sending out messages like the ones I lay out below, it’s time to recalibrate. We all get the generic, cute, and ineffective emails from salespeople, but I got one this week […]

Agencies and Marketers Find Common Ground in MarTech

We’ve just completed our first-ever Marketing Technology Survey Report and above all, we’ve found agencies and marketers find common ground, and challenges, in MarTech. You can download it here: RSW/US 2019 Marketing Technology Survey Report RSW/US President, Mark Sneider, attended this year’s MarTech West conference in San Jose and was impressed with the energy, new […]

While understanding it’s important, agencies struggle with how to add value to agency new business prospecting, and the timing of that struggle tends to kick in uniformly across firms. Here’s what I mean: when agencies decide to really give it a shot and apply themselves to a new business process, everyone’s excited.  You’ve got new […]

Proposal Pitfalls

Let’s talk about proposals, and proposal pitfalls. More specifically the timing and expectations around them, and three proposal pitfalls to avoid. Like anything else new-business related, we’ve seen agencies that crank out proposals and some that agonize over every part of them.  Both have their issues. If you’re cranking them out, they’re probably fairly cookie […]