Your Biggest Agency Pain Point In 2020

In this “3 Takeaways”, we talk your biggest agency pain point in 2020: pursuing new business. Watch this episode to see if your agency fits the description of one of our takeaways, and what it means for your firm. This is a good episode to jump on board if you haven’t seen us before, and […]

Agency Consolidation Plans Marketers Expect In 2020

In this “3 Takeaways”, we talk about agency consolidation plans marketers expect In 2020. What can you do to insulate your agency from that event? Find out in this episode. This is “3 Takeaways”, the RSW agency new business video series where we give you three takeaways to help improve your new business program. Give us a […]

Why “Fix It Now” Doesn’t Work For New Business

We’ve all been in a situation where “Fix It Now” becomes a mantra we repeat over and over in the face of a problem that could have been avoided with preventative measures. Bill Schick, founder of MESH interactive in Boston, had an insightful post on LinkedIn around this topic, and as ever, I looked at […]