Prospecting Prep for Agencies - Now and in the Future-3 Takeaways Ep40

Welcome to “3 Takeaways”, episode 40, “Prospecting Prep for Agencies – Now and in the Future”.  If you didn’t see our latest video, episode 39, view it here. We’re talking about making adjustments to your agency new business strategy and to prospecting. As we’ve discussed before, you can’t stop the new process, it’s more important […]

Six Tips To Help Your Prospecting Next Week

In this post, I’m giving you six tips to help your new business prospecting this week-I hope you’re all doing OK and staying safe. To kick things off, I’m guessing as well-intentioned as a lot of the messaging has been this past week, “uncertain times” is going to be at the top of the list […]

Your Agency Tagline Is Not Your Agency Elevator Pitch

Let me repeat, and not just for SEO purposes: your agency tagline is not your elevator pitch. Yet, so many agencies treat them as one and the same. An Adweek article defines an agency tagline this way: Every organization has words it lives and operates by—mantras, if you will—and ad agencies are no exception. Some […]