3 Real-World Examples Of Email Fails-3 Takeaways Ep. 30

Today we’re talking email fails in our 30th episode of 3 Takeaways. These are real sales emails I’ve gotten recently that I hope will serve as road signs to help guide you in your new business program. We all get the generic, cute, and ineffective emails from salespeople, but this first example was just irritating. […]

Proposal Pitfalls

Let’s talk about proposals, and proposal pitfalls. More specifically the timing and expectations around them, and three proposal pitfalls to avoid. Like anything else new-business related, we’ve seen agencies that crank out proposals and some that agonize over every part of them.  Both have their issues. If you’re cranking them out, they’re probably fairly cookie […]

Your Prospects Don’t Care About Your Culture-3 Takeaways Ep. 27

Agencies love to talk about the culture they’ve created, and it is important, but far too many firms use their culture as the main driver of their new business effort. That’s a mistake, because your prospects don’t care about your culture – at least not right out of the gate. Think about how busy you […]

The Project Hamster Wheel - Are You On It?-3 Takeaways Ep 26

Project work is the primary way agencies get business these days, and we’ve talked to firms who are handling way too many smaller projects. It creates an untenable project hamster wheel where your team gets burned out because they’re working just as hard on the smaller projects as they do on the bigger projects. So […]

Prospecting For Whales: Is It Worth The Risk? 3 Takeaways-Ep. 25

Some agencies decide they want to land that big client and go prospecting for whales, focusing their new business strategy solely on 5 to 10 of those in the hopes of landing just one. Aspirational prospects should be included in your new business plan, but this 25th episode of 3 Takeaways explains why it’s not […]

3 Takeaways Ep 23-Is Client Turnover Making You Uncomfortably Numb?

Is Client Turnover Making You Uncomfortably Numb? This episode comes from a conversation I had with an agency principal. Overall, this principal said he was optimistic about the industry, but struggled with the lack of client loyalty, the RFP slog and potential clients constantly shopping. Our 3 Takeaways provides you with some important food for […]

3 Takeaways Ep19 - Traditional Blogging Alternatives To Help You Drive Agency New Business

Welcome to “3 Takeaways”, Traditional Blogging Alternatives To Help You Drive Agency New Business. Let’s start out with a stat from “Social Media Today” (and an infographic I’ll link to in the video description): Websites with blogs get 55% more traffic. Content creation will help you get more new business.  You know it and you’re […]

3 Takeaways Ep 18 - Don’t Tell Your Prospects What They Already Know

There’s an unfortunate tendency we see in agency new business communications that doesn’t receive a lot of attention, but it should: that’s telling your prospects something they already know. If you’re doing this, or your new business director is doing this, you’ve got to curb it right away. Some prospects won’t even notice it, and […]

3 Takeaways Ep 15 - How Can You Instill A New Business Mentality Throughout Your Agency Culture?

New business should be an agency-wide endeavor, not just driven by a member of leadership or a new business director. But the question is, how does that manifest itself, in terms of the day-to-day, and for those individuals who aren’t tasked directly with new business activity? The 3 takeaways in this episode begin to answer […]

3 Takeaways Ep 14-3 Business Development Techniques That Do Not Work

Interestingly, sales outreach used to be a lot sneakier, where salespeople (and I use that term loosely) would essentially try to trick you into opening an email, for example. Fast forward to today, and agencies and PR firms consistently tell us about the ineffective outreach they receive; yet if they’re handling new business internally, often […]