5 Steps To Developing A Solid List Building Strategy

Building prospect lists can be daunting – but it doesn’t have to be.

If you start with a solid strategy, the execution can be simple. The goal of a list building strategy is to review the qualifiers that make up the types of companies where your best opportunities lie.

In this post, I’m going to dig down into the 5 steps that will get you on the road to developing a kick-butt Strategy. A qualifier: these steps are mostly questions you need to ask yourself, so get ready to do a little work:

#1. Analyze your Business

Take a look at the makeup of your agency. Where does your current work lie? What does it look like? Are you spread out among multiple sectors, or, are you more focused?

Additionally, ask yourself where your strengths and weaknesses lie, what sets you apart from other agencies? What defines you amongst your peers?

#2. Industry Analysis

Look at the industries you serve. If you have multiple industries you may want to focus your efforts, so determining true fit during any given time period will be an important factor.

For example, are there cyclical considerations that would eliminate or push up a certain sector’s timeline for prospecting?

#3. Geo

Leverage commonality.

We see the best results for our agencies when we stay close to home, then move out.

Build your local/regional database first and develop those relationships close to home.

#4. Rev

Proven track record shows that your best opportunities will be amongst those companies within the same revenue range as your current clients.

Start there.

#5. Titles

Typically we like to focus on VP and Director level contacts because those are our decision makers – BUT – this can absolutely fluctuate based on the size of the company we’re targeting.

For example, large companies may require some digging to brand level marketing contacts to secure the “in”. Don’t be afraid to attack a company on all different levels if the first go-around wasn’t a fit.

Just remember, a successful outreach program is dependent on the quality of prospects on your list- and it all starts with the strategy. Get it done!

Nicole Bouchard is the Director, List Operations at RSW/US. She manages a team of Account Executives who research, build, and ultimately execute List Development for client programs. She has spent the last ten years “behind the scenes” working with Sales + Marketing departments, spending most of her time organizing events, data and people; all as efficiently as possible. Nicole is a native of CT and when she isn’t spending time with her husband and two kids, you can find her at the local Crossfit box.