2 Reasons Your Agency Can't Ignore Outbound Right Now [Data]

I’m going to give you 2 reasons your agency can’t ignore outbound right now, but first, a quick table set. If there’s anything agency leaders know, it’s the cyclical nature of the industry.  Certain trends ebb and flow like the tides, for example, this sound familiar?  “This year, we’re moving everything in-house.”  (Next year) New plan! We need an agency.  (Mid-Year) We need multiple agencies.  (End of Year) OK, we […]

Coming off the Small Agency Conference and Awards, Ad Age wrote a piece called Why Big Brands Choose Small Agencies. It’s a series of quotes from agency principals on why smaller agencies are doing more work for bigger brands, and while none of them touch on new business directly, the article should stand as a […]

There have been a few articles lately bemoaning the state of the advertising industry and specifically how some in the industry have left big agencies to make it on their own by opening an agency themselves. The most recent is titled “Creative Exodus in Adland: It’s Just Not ‘Fun’ Anymore.” And it’s eye-opening on a […]