In our recent survey on Ad Agency new business, principals of Agencies note they continue to struggle with finding and maintaining effective new business managers. 69% of all respondents in the survey stated they replaced (on one or more occasions) the new business manager they brought into the Agency to help them build business. The […]

too many cooks

We occasionally run into agencies that feel it necessary to be all-inclusive, running ad agency new business by committee  – they don’t want to leave anyone out of the decision-making process. While this might be good for some business decisions related to the agency, it can be disastrous for new business. New business requires quick […]

All things

RSW/US:VIEW FROM THE MARKETER’S EYE Continuing our View From the Marketer’s Eye series, this week’s marketer’s quote, in answer to the ad agency new business question, “What common mistakes do agencies make during their first meeting?” [Agencies] try to be all things, solve everything. What agency is possibly great at everything? It would be so […]

vader fail

RSW/US:View From the Marketer’s Eye Continuing our View From the Marketer’s Eye series, this week’s marketer’s quote, in answer to the question, “What common ad agency new business mistakes do agencies make during their first meeting?” They come unprepared and seemingly haven’t bothered to take the time for basic research about our business. We received countless […]


It happens to the best of us – you get stuck in an ad agency new business  rut. You’re in a bit of a slump. Those client wins aren’t coming in as quickly or easily as they used to. So what do you do – besides go to Starbucks and drown your sorrows in a […]

Ad Agency New Business: Patience Darling

Consistency is the mother of all virtues when it comes to ad agency new business prospecting. Consistency of messaging, consistency of methodology, and consistency of outreach.   This is not only important leading up to the meeting, but it is also critically important after the meeting – as you work your way to close. I […]

Agency Client

A big agency client is great (obviously). They can be the bread and butter of any agency organization.   Unfortunately,  I’ve seen way too many agencies get consumed by large clients to the point that they no longer have the time or the desire to look for new business. “Simply don’t have the time” some […]

  Some of the best ideas for posts come from the agencies we talk to every day. A recent case in point: this week I was discussing a few facets of ad agency new business: agency specialization, prospect qualification and agencies being able to “walk the walk.” As the story goes, this agency had several […]

The daunting cold call, a process that really shouldn’t be if you handle correctly, but even then, agencies often forget everyone is calling your prospects and not just your competitors. Although we actually don’t like to refer to it as cold-calling, because literally calling someone cold is ineffective, but I’m probably preaching to the choir […]

leo burnett

I have carried an Ad Age article (dated July 31, 1995-When to Take My Name Off the Door) around with me since the day it was released, posting it on the various walls of marketing and marketing service companies I have worked for. It currently sits on the wall of my office at RSW/US as […]