listen to your eyes'

The great Ray Davies, lead singer/songwriter of The Kinks said it well:

Show a little bit of emotion, A little bit of real emotion

I’ve discussed the questions at the end of our new business surveys in a previous post, but take a look at four of the answers to our question, If you had one piece of advice to give to agencies about their marketing efforts to get your attention what would it be?

Be bold and different.

Be dynamic. If I don’t even think you can market yourself well, I won’t give you the time of day.

Make it personal – don’t come in with super slick and shiny … we see past that.

Be authentic.

I think typically this type of question and advice becomes synonymous with the pitch process, but make sure you apply it to your entire new business effort. Whether it’s an email, a letter or social media, before you send anything out, put yourself in the Marketer’s place; if you received it, would you take the time to read it?

Ad Agency New Business

It is, undoubtedly, tough to come up with new, creative subject lines and copy, for example but don’t use the same tired jargon every other agency uses that’s really just fluff when it comes down to it. (How many years of experience, how much better you are than any other agency, how much you understand, etc.)

Be concise, straightforward and respectfully aggressive in showing how you’re different upfront, rather than generically talking about it. And add a little bit of emotion, some passion into the mix.  A little goes a long way via the written word, but your prospects will notice.

I’ll have Ray and the band take us out with Little Bit of Emotion.

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