Agency Web Site

I’ve seen some agencies that do amazing digital work for their clients, but let their own web sites languish.

And this can be a devastating mistake.

Although social media has stolen the spotlight over the past few years, the frequently repeated assertion that web sites are dead could not be further from the truth.

Businesses are still judged by their web sites (more than ever) – and if your agency web site doesn’t dominate prospects’ attention, the viewer will assume you can’t provide the expertise they’re looking for.

Here are a few key guidelines for making sure your agency website hits the mark with Marketers:

Make it visually creative: this is your first and best chance to show the prospect that your agency has a vibrant imagination and delivers brand messaging, for example, in an innovative and memorable way. You will be measured by how high you raise the bar here.

-Make sure the navigation is easy and intuitive: structure still counts in the minds of online visitors. Even if your content is stellar, you need to show that your thinking is strategic – even at this level. Help them find what you want to show them.

-Make sure it showcases your work: this one almost goes without saying, but having an online portfolio of your best and most interesting work turns your website into your best sales tool.

Agency Web Site

-Make sure it positions how the agency thinks: this means blog on a consistent basis, even if that’s just once a month. By letting the prospect know what and how you think, you are creating a subtle relationship with the prospect. You become a connection, a voice in their head that is associated with industry expertise.

-Make sure it gives them the opportunity to make contact: Of course, having your phone and email information is the standard practice (and it’s not a bad idea to have it in the footer of every page), but offering downloads in exchange for the prospects’ email address is also a great way to get their information in return. And that gives you both a lead and a starting point for a call or conversation.

Your online presence is usually your first point of impact – and it may be the defining experience that leads prospects to consider engaging you in the first place.

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