Agency/Marketer Response to COVID-19 Survey Report

Agency-Marketer Response to COVID-19 Survey Report Available Now


We know there’s a large amount of content around COVID-19 right now, but we hope our latest report, Agency-Marketer Response to COVID-19 Survey Report, will be of particular interest to you and other firms out there.    

Specifically, because we surveyed your peers, but also marketers, on their response to the situation.

You can download here.

Agency/Marketer Response to COVID-19 Survey Report

Our report covers spending impact, changing marketing tactics, changing marketer needs, how agencies view new business now, and what kind of client requests agencies are getting currently.  

Certainly some tough realities in our results, but also reasons for optimism-agencies and marketers know they must stay the course.  

(Note that we’ve included an addendum with full responses from key questions-well worth the read.)  

Some initial background:

This study was commissioned by RSW/US.

RSW/US is an outsourced lead generation/business development firm that exclusively services marketing service firms (of all sizes and types).

RSW/US works with over 50 agencies across the U.S., operating as their outsourced sales and marketing team. RSW/US was founded in 2005.

Agency/Marketer Response to COVID-19 Survey Report Background

Senior-level Marketers and Marketing Agency executives completed the “Agency/Marketer Response to COVID-19 Survey” from March 20-24th, 2020.

The purpose of the survey was to glean insights relative to marketer and agency perspective during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our hope is the key findings and implications from this study are of value as both marketers and agencies attempt to navigate the unknown factors inherent to our current business landscape.

The agency sample came from our RSW/AgencySearch database of over 5,000 marketing service companies in the U.S. and Canada ranging in size from under $5M in capitalized billings to over $100M.

The disciplines of each Agency included full-service advertising, digital, PR, and marketing consultancies, to name a few examples.

The marketer sample came from our RSW/US database of 50,000 marketing decision-maker contacts. Company size, location, and category varied.

4/7/2020 Update

Thanks to all of you at agencies and PR firms that have given us feedback on our current videos.

We’ve created a series of these videos on a weekly basis, given how much everything changes day-to-day.

We really do hope these episodes help as you’re trying to figure out how to keep your new business efforts going. We continue to focus on maintaining, improving and getting creative with your new business efforts:

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