Yes you can

I received a prospecting email recently from a company vying to get my attention.

They did that, but for all the wrong reasons.

Below is the email, and I’m going to give you 6 reasons why, as you’re out there prospecting for agency new business, you shouldn’t send an email like this:

Hope all is well. If you’re interested in understanding how (company name withdrawn) works, we have a brief video that explains how (X company) automates corporate marketing processes by delivering an intelligent marketing resource center to the field. Please let me know if the video paints a clear picture.


What’s wrong with this email:

Agency New Business

1)      This is the first time I’ve gotten an email from you, and so, no, I’m not interested in an understanding, I don’t even know who you are

2)      I don’t think you’ve done your homework, the way we’re set up and our size, I’m guessing, are going to disqualify us from using a service like yours

3)      I don’t really know what automates corporate marketing processes by delivering an intelligent marketing resource center to the field means.  I’ve got a vague notion but a vague notion is not what you want me to walk away with when I hear your elevator pitch-be direct and speak simply about how you might be help me without generic, corporate brochure-like language.

4)      You’re making me work here, you want me to watch a video now?  No thanks, I still don’t know who you are and only the vaguest notion of what you do.

5)      I see no benefit to working with you, at least from your email. How might your service ultimately benefit me?

6)      And at the end, the closest thing to a call to action you have is asking me to let you know if the video paints a clear picture.  Did you want to talk to me, or follow up with a call, or send me to your site perhaps?

So What’s Your Takeaway For Agency New Business

Agency New Business

When you’re writing a prospecting email, always think about the following:

1. Do your homework and make sure your list has the right companies on it, those that would benefit from and actually use your services.

2. Include a concise, clearly articulated description of who you are and what you do.

3. Include a clearly articulated – and intriguing – benefit.

4. Short sentences, short paragraphs. People are busy.

5. Judicious use of color and fonts, keep it simple.

6. Include a respectful call to action of some sort and explain what you’re going to do next in terms of follow up.

Avoid the first list in this post and embrace the second, it will serve you well.


Lee McKnight Jr-b&w-smallPost by RSW/US Director Of Business Development Lee McKnight Jr.


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