We got some insightful responses from my previous post on agency new business email techniques to avoid (Agency New Business: A Mediocre Prospecting Email Dismantled) so I had to take advantage of the below example as well.

I actually really like getting these emails, fun stuff.

It surprises me that a company would use tactics like these, but then I wouldn’t have them to post about would I.

(As ever, not using the actual name of the company, but FYI, it’s not an agency)


Email #1 (7/12/12-1:05 pm)

Hi Lee,

We noticed you only have 202 Facebook Fan Likes. We can promote your page through implementation of a rigorous social media campaign resulting in a guaranteed increase of 700+ additional Facebook Likes within 1-2 days for only $35.00 plus tax and unlike Facebook advertising which can be costly, we guarantee results or your money back.

Is this something you’d be interested in?  Please let me know and we’ll get started.


Okay, fair enough, as this email goes.

My reply:

Hi X,

That is interesting.  Curious though, if those 700+ additional likes would come from those companies, specifically advertising agencies, that we target as potential clients?



Email #2: (7/12/12-1:38 pm)

The response to my above question was to basically to throw up all kinds of information everywhere, but the first paragraph went like this:

Thanks for your response. Please note, this is a one-time fee of $35 plus tax invoiced through PayPal and unlike Facebook advertising, you are guaranteed results or your money back and we only require the URL to your Facebook page. The 100% money-back guarantee is outlined on the invoice under the Terms & Conditions section. We also offer a larger, bargain Likes package of 2,400+ Likes for $99 plus tax. You are guaranteed more than the proposed amount of Likes since we cannot halt a campaign at one exact amount.

Agency New Business Email

Um. . .not answering my question.  And, I didn’t ask for the benefits, or the process, or the clients you’re currently working with.

I just asked you a simple question.

Oh well, not going to reply, probably shouldn’t have encouraged them in the first place, time to get on with my day, work to do.


Email #3: (7/12/12-7:05 pm)

Hi Lee,

Are you ready to move forward with the Facebook social media campaign? If so, please provide the URL to the Facebook page of your choice.


Wow, your third email to me of the day.

Granted I did ask you a question, so the second, really lengthy email you sent back that didn’t answer my question was technically my fault.

But, your amazing sales prowess and “hurry up and let’s do this” attitude has convinced me that-

No, no I’m not ready to move forward.

I’m sure this is the last I’ll hear from you though.


Email #4: (7/17/12-10:58 am)

Hi Lee,

I hope this email finds you well. Are you ready to move forward with increasing Facebook Likes to your Facebook fan page? If so, please provide the URL.



My Reply. . .

Agency New Business Email


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