Agency New Business Email

We frequently talk about the importance of multiple channels when prospecting for agency new business, and today we’re talking  agency new business email.  And more specifically email subject lines.

I am constantly on the lookout for subject lines that will cause just enough curiosity or present just enough value to open the email but avoid all the horrible clichés. A great subject line can be a tough thing to come by, which is why I liked this post from the Mail Blaze* blog (8 of the Best (and Worst) Email Subject Lines).

Per the post, and my key takeaway:

Have a look at stats online and you will find that the most effective subject lines are almost ‘boring’. Conversely, the ones that have some of the lowest results are generally the ones that look and sound like creative advertising, which recipients automatically think is spam and delete accordingly.

Wait, boring is better?  Pretty much the opposite of what we preach here at RSW/US when it comes to agency new business.

But in this case I would agree. Take a look below at 8 examples of the most effective (per Mail Blaze stats) subject lines listed in the post:

1. “X Company” Sales & Marketing Monthly Newsletter

2. “X Company” Webinar: Case Studies – Join Us Feb 15

3. This Week’s Phone Call / Meeting (Personalized note from sales rep to prospects)

4. “First Name” – 8 Customer Service Tips that Work

5. Event Registration Today: (Name of event and date)

6. Success Tip: # Ways to a better (X topic)

7. Invitation – Breakfast with (Name of guest speaker and topic)

8. You’re Going to Love This – Look What We have for you

Well, they were right, those are boring.

But subject lines like the above, in my experience, are effective.

When you start getting too salesy or deceptive, like one of the worst subject lines they list (Meeting Request: Introducing Our New Product) you’ll get nowhere.

I just received an email with the “Meeting Request” subject line recently and it irked me.

So follow the exception to the rule in most cases when it comes to email subject lines: stay boring, baby.

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