This final post on my three-part series, Release Your Inner Curator, provides the fifth and final step in the content curation process. In addition, I’ve provided some thoughts on worthwhile curation apps available to simplify the process. Step Five: Share your curated content Sharing your findings can be as simple sending them in an email […]

  Seasonal habits die hard.  It just feels like agency new business planning should be in the air! Years ago, as a Consumer Marketing Manager for top household cleaning products, spring brought flowers, birds returning from winter homes, and the hatching of the business planning process for the upcoming calendar year. It’s highly likely that the […]

Tim Williams for survey

  Is your firm practicing the Confirmation Bias? That’s the question Tim Williams, Founder and Managing Director of Ignition Consulting Group, asked himself when considering agency responses to survey questions he provided for the recent RSW/US Thought Leader Survey. Over two-thirds of agencies believe their positioning is unique relative to other firms.   However, when […]

If you’ve had the opportunity to read the RSW/US 2016 Thought Leader Survey Report, perhaps the section featuring questions from Michael Gass has sparked some new ideas for you on inbound and social media strategies to support your agency new business program. The Founder of Fuel Lines Business Development, Michael is an industry expert on […]

Tim Williams for survey

If in Real Estate, it’s all about location, location, location, in Agency New Business, it’s all about Position, Position, Position. The importance of a strong, differentiated agency position is a clear theme of our 2016 Thought Leader Survey Report. Tim Williams, one of our Thought Leader Panelists is the Founder and Managing Director of The […]

  In physics perhaps, position is relative. In the agency new business world, however, a “relative position” could place you off the chart. Of the many intriguing insights exposed through our 2016 Thought Leader Survey, one is: Although the six participating Thought Leader panelists posed questions across a range of topics, the importance of strong, differentiated […]

Agency New Business Positioning

Agency New Business Positioning is one of the most difficult early challenges for agencies when creating a new business strategy. It’s one of the first steps in our process as a new business development firm and understandably, it can be daunting for many agencies. Why? A few reasons: too close to it all, too many individuals […]

A tale of agency new business positioning from sunny California: We were there for a new client kickoff, had beautiful weather and an hour or so before the meeting and decided to take in the neighborhood. We essentially walked around the same block a few times and the second time around, I noticed a Mandarin restaurant that I could have sworn was on the other side of the block. Well, there were in fact two Mandarin restaurants in the same block. While not shocking, it was strange that they would do so little to differentiate themselves. Not knowing how old each restaurant was, perhaps the neighborhood just really loved their Mandarin cuisine? Agency New Business Positioning-All the Same Fast forward to a few hours later in our new […]