Agency New Business: Stop Looking Ahead For a Minute & Think About “The Now”

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A quick post focusing on “the now.”

Take a minute to think about your current clients.

Don’t Forget

Thinking about your new business plan ongoing is, of course, critically important, but three things in regards to current clients you shouldn’t forget:

1)      Do you have a plan to retain current clients? If not, you need to.

2)      Do you have a plan to reach out to past clients? Maybe they went with another agency. Ideally you didn’t burn any bridges.  If an appropriate amount of time has passed (or even if it hasn’t) check back in, or introduce yourself, as the case may be, and see how things are going.

3)      Do you have a plan, where possible, to focus on getting more new business from your current clients? If your client has other opportunities (that you could take on) and other agencies are handling it for them-you need a plan to get deeper in there.

The Now

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!

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