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Is A Chemistry Meeting More Challenging Than An Actual Pitch?

Taking more inspiration from LinkedIn: Lindsey Slaby from Sunday Dinner (who you should follow), threw out a great question on LinkedIn: Is a chemistry meeting more challenging than an actual pitch? I would say yes.  Lindsey initially points out, “There’s most likely no brief. And the wrong approach quickly eliminates an invitation to further discussions.” […]

Smaller Agencies=Hungrier For New Business

Coming off the Small Agency Conference and Awards, Ad Age wrote a piece called Why Big Brands Choose Small Agencies. It’s a series of quotes from agency principals on why smaller agencies are doing more work for bigger brands, and while none of them touch on new business directly, the article should stand as a […]

Is LinkedIn Becoming A Used Car Lot?

Of the many people I follow on social media for helpful insight, Derek Walker of brown and browner in Columbia, SC is always good for an unvarnished and thoughtful take on our industry. He recently wrote a brief post via LinkedIn on what is fast becoming a real problem on that platform, as Derek puts […]


Be Wary of the New Business Development Director With the Legendary Prospecting Network

A big thank you to AMI (Agency Management Institute) for my guest post, Be Wary of the New Business Development Director With the Legendary Prospecting Network. You can read it below in its entirety. There is a great dilemma many agency owners face time and time again: Do you hire an internal new business development person […]

Put These On Your Agency New Business T-Shirt

I own far too many t-shirts. It’s true, and I accept it. What does that have to do with anything?  Over the course of traveling and meeting/talking with agencies, I take notes on potential blog topics. Going over those notes recently, I saw several key takeaways that really would make for excellent t-shirt slogans. Granted, […]