Break Through the Clutter: Agencies, Please Stop Saying It

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It’s interesting how often we still see, in agency collateral or on agency sites, some variation of the phrase “we help you break through the clutter.” 

Please stop saying that. 

It’s like saying, “our point of differentiation is that we’re unique.”

Ultimately, it actually ends up creating its own clutter when a prospect reads that. They’ll gloss over or move on. As we talk to agencies when they’re considering our services or just asking about their own internal efforts, universally there is a certain level of frustration in not being able to break through to prospects, and so, often, the effort eventually (or sometimes quickly) grinds to a halt.

You know this already, I know, but bear with me.  Think about how busy you are. Now think about how busy your prospects are. At any given time, here’s a list (an incomplete one) of the things that vie for their attention throughout the day:

Break Through the Clutter: Agencies, Please Stop Saying It

-Whitepapers -News
-Blog posts

Now add their typical workday projects and tasks into the mix.  So yes, as an agency you know this, but how often do you really keep it in mind when it comes to new business? 

Well, to keep the effort strong and consistent, and actually break through the clutter, you have to.

You, or your new business director, simply can’t get frustrated to the point you let the effort suffer. 

That means you don’t stop after the first try. 

Keeping in mind all the things we talk about on this blog: polite persistence, targeted prospecting, a mix of channels in reaching out and bringing a sense of value and your expertise to each contact.

If you follow and stick to a plan with the above components, it will happen for your agency and you will break through the clutter , but you have to keep the long view.

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