The majority of new business is stop and start for agencies and inevitably the pipeline become non-existent.

You know that’s bad but you’re so busy with client work and referrals are coming in.

Both those things will change, or at the very least become inconsistent.

There’s another piece to the puzzle you can’t ignore:

You’ve had the great meeting (the prospect told you it was great) and you felt a real synergy.

But then time passes and . . .

-Your main point of contact left or got fired

-They can’t make a decision

-They disappear, even though you’ve tried to get back in touch numerous times-nothing

 Why You Can’t Ignore Your Agency New Business Pipeline

Some or all of these things will happen to your agency at some point and you were feeling great because the meeting went so well.

You knew it wasn’t a done deal yet but you were counting on it.

Your insurance against this situation?

Make a plan for new business and stick with it.

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