Welcome to the 5th and final post in our series on crafting a better new business case study. We’ve covered many of the fundamentals over the past few weeks but in the following post we’ll be addressing a problem that is surprisingly common for agencies embarking on their new business journey. How do you write […]

The materials you’ll want to gather before writing a case study Welcome to part 4 of our series on creating a case study. If you’ve been following these posts over the past several weeks, then you’ve chosen your audience, you know to make the client the star of the story, and you’ve landed on which […]

RSW Agency New Business Case Study Series, Pt. 3: Picking A Format

Agency New Business Case Study Series, Part 3: Picking A Format For the next entry in our case study blog series, we’re talking channel. Where should your case studies live, how should they change based on the distribution channel, and how can you use strategic deployment in each of your prospecting channels to make the […]

RSW Agency New Business Case Study Series, Pt. 2: Case Studies Aren't About You

RSW Agency New Business Case Study Series, Pt. 2: Case Studies Aren’t About You In the first part of our New Business Case Study Series, we talked about finding and knowing your audience. You’ve done your homework, know your reader, and are beginning to have visions of the massive success your shiny new case studies […]

(The following post is part 2 of the previous post, Does Snackable Content Engage Your Prospects?) Now that we’ve laid this groundwork… maybe NOW you’re ready…maybe NOW we can bring in those watermelons and I can share the secret of holding your audience’s attention. One more thing, though. How does this information apply to agency new […]