Agency New Business: Treat Your Clients Like Prospects

How do your clients perceive you, in terms of your services? Do you have certain clients who only take advantage of only one or two aspects of your business? The answer to the second question is often yes, and you need to work to change that perception. Easier said than done I realize, and there…
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Your Agency’s Website Is A Visual Elevator Pitch

Wikipedia defines Elevator Pitch as a short sales pitch, that is a summary used to quickly and simply define a process, product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition. Does your agency’s website tell your target audience who you are, what you do, and your value? In 20 or so seconds? I look at a…
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How Often Should You Follow-up with Prospects?

It is crucial that you constantly follow-up with your prospects… and often. How often should you follow up with prospects? In my experience, the answer is, more than you think. Recently, I reached out to one of my clients asking how their follow-up was going on a prospect that had shown interest a few months back.…
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CMO Tenure, Agency New Business, and The Revolving Door

I didn’t see much chatter on some recent CMO stats-some good ammo for your agency new business efforts. Average CMO tenure=4.1 Years That might be surprising to you, given the seeming tendency towards revolving doors for the average CMO. (It was 23 months in 2006 BTW.) In the article I linked to above, a tenure…
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Why Agencies Need to Do it Differently

think differently

I just finished presenting a webinar to about 100 agencies that was designed to help them understand that they need to start thinking about things differently if they expect to survive long-term. And it goes a lot further than just doing all the things we’ve told agencies in our Agency of the Future Infographic about…
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The 3C’s to Successful Pipeline Building


The 3C’s to Successful Pipeline Building. Too many agencies prospect in fits and spurts. Too many agencies are terrible at marketing themselves. Too many agencies don’t take the time to build an organized new business process. Winning new business starts with building a solid pipeline of potential opportunities. Building a solid pipeline starts with developing…
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When Times Are Good…They Can Look Good

Agency New Business Hope

“We’re Starting The Year Out With A Lot of New Business, So I Think All Is Good.” Something I have heard from agencies more this January than in month’s past.  And while this is great, agencies need to think beyond what is today and plan for tomorrow – on two fronts: Investment in their business…
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Kaizen for Agency New Business

Kaizen for agency new business

Agency new business. Never static. Always changing. This includes the tools you use, the process you employ, and the people that support the program. It also includes an objective look at what’s working and not working on an on-going basis. Just left a meeting with a current marketing agency client that has been with us…
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Mariah’s Agency New Business Lesson

Something about a dropping ball should make any performer nervous on New Year’s Eve, I would think. I know.  You’ve probably already heard far more than you ever wanted to or imagined you would about Mariah’s monumental moment on New Year’s Eve. A frustrating way to end 2016 for her, I’m sure.  Still a great…
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The Advertising Industry Today: Like Weather Fronts Colliding

Advertising industry

RSW/US Survey: Is the Advertising Industry Adapting Well to the Modern World? Good news, Agencies!!  Marketers say yes. This is an upbeat finding of the RSW/US 2016 Agency New Business Survey Report: marketers generally see the advertising industry adapting well to the “modern world”. Our recent post,  If our Agency new Business Survey was a…
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