Avoiding The New Business Hit And Run

Agency new business often comes in the form of an initial project, and that’s not a bad thing, but agencies don’t often think long-term about avoiding the new business hit and run. What is this new business hit and run you speak of? I can’t take credit for the term, one of our clients threw…
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Make Your Prospects Crave What You’re Selling through Storytelling

We’re excited to have a guest post by Jody Sutter, owner of The Sutter Company, a business development consultancy working with small agency CEOs to activate their natural talents for business development through programs that are easy to embrace and take the agency’s available resources into consideration. You can reach Jody at jody@thesuttercompany.com. (Thanks Jody!)…
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The Two Headed Beast Called Chemistry

Agency Chemistry

I just completed two agency searches on the RSW/AgencySearch side of our business and both really brought to life the importance of two types of chemistry during an agency search. Chemistry as we all traditionally know it – client-agency chemistry is of central importance. If the marketing client doesn’t feel good about you or your…
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The Art (?) of Self-Selection

Agency self selection

Prospecting is a funny game.  There are times when prospects you never expect to materialize or possess great value, prove to be your best clients. I’ve seen it on our side of our business as we reach out to agencies to learn more about their agency new business needs. Bigger isn’t always better in the…
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Big Or Small-Agencies Have The Same New Business Challenges

Coming off the Mirren New Business Conference, I’m reminded again that the struggles larger agencies have with new business are no different than the struggles small to mid-sized agencies go through. Different in scale?  Sure, but much the same. Big Or Small-Agencies Have The Same New Business Challenges A consistent approach, agency positioning, new business…
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The Importance of Good Intelligence – An Offering Only Available at RSW/US

The mind of the marketer

Every good agency new business program starts with smart, useful intelligence. The problem with most new business resources is that everybody has access to them.  And they all use the same data to “predict” changes in the marketing world. Or they re-purpose existing information about things like public RFPs.  These can attract the likes of…
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New Business Distraction-Lose Traction

I was in a kick-off meeting with a new agency client the other week and they asked a legitimate question: We want to add more prospect categories to the mix, but will it prove a distraction to the overall effort? This agency has a tremendous amount of experience in three core sectors, so our initial roadmap…
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Marketer Comments


Like in past New Year Outlook survey reports, we asked for marketer comments about what they felt was most troubling trend they were seeing as it related to agencies. These will just give you a flavor for where marketers’ heads are at – which hopefully can help you better manage how you deal with your…
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