A Brave New Agency New Business World

I sent the email below to a client after hearing they attained an initial project and thought I’d share my response to the news, as it has implications for all agencies, regardless of size/type: That’s great to hear! While I know it’s a small initial project, (and I know you know this…) here’s the deal…
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6 Sales Tips

Old brain

We had our New Business Directors (and me) sit through a day-long sales training session. The purpose was partly to help them improve their effectiveness as they reach out on behalf of their marketing agency clients. The other purpose was to further educate them on ways they can help their marketing agency clients move opportunities…
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Tips and Tricks from the New Business Pros – Second in a Series

We recently completed a series of internal sharing session with our New Business Directors.  The purpose was to exchange best practices used when reaching out to marketers. Our first in this series focused on email practices:  Tips & Tricks #1 This second post will focus the things we do to help our clients close business.…
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Tips and Tricks from the New Business Pros – First of a Series

New Business Best Practices

We recently had an internal sharing session with our New Business Directors to share tips and tricks used to prospect marketers. We do this every now and then – one of the benefits of having all 40 of us here at our Cincinnati HQ location. It’s a great way to share best practices/that which is…
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75% of agencies have a new business program-67% are not satisfied with it

As part of our latest survey report release (RSW/US 2017 Thought Leader Survey Report), we’re focusing in on specific thought leaders and the insights unearthed from the agencies who took our survey. Laurie Mikes is the focus of this post. Laurie is the Chief Operating Officer of Second Wind (www. secondwindonline.com), overseeing daily operations. Laurie…
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When it’s all really clicking

Move the agency new businss needle

Received this update from one of our clients yesterday and just thought I’d share as their program is really clicking. This client has been with us two years and has seen a number of wins. Like any program, the success of the program takes smart planning, great collaboration, solid value-added nurturing, and persistence on the…
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You Don’t Want To Be The AOR

Blasphemy! You don’t want to be the AOR? Explain. And so I will. In a normal day, I talk to multiple agencies, and a little while back, I had a conversation with an agency principal that stuck with me. He described a client they had: a Fortune 500 company they’d worked with for 3 years…
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Avoiding The New Business Hit And Run

Agency new business often comes in the form of an initial project, and that’s not a bad thing, but agencies don’t often think long-term about avoiding the new business hit and run. What is this new business hit and run you speak of? I can’t take credit for the term, one of our clients threw…
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