The Art (?) of Self-Selection

Agency self selection

Prospecting is a funny game.  There are times when prospects you never expect to materialize or possess great value, prove to be your best clients. I’ve seen it on our side of our business as we reach out to agencies to learn more about their agency new business needs. Bigger isn’t always better in the…
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Let’s Not Go Back to the “Used Car Like” Days

Agency New Business Sales

When I started RSW/US in 2005, the industry was very “used car salesman like” in its reputation and the industry was in its infancy. Over the years, I’d like to think that we brought some legitimacy to the industry.  We helped the industry grow and along with some of our competitors, we were able to…
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The Importance of Good Intelligence – An Offering Only Available at RSW/US

The mind of the marketer

Every good agency new business program starts with smart, useful intelligence. The problem with most new business resources is that everybody has access to them.  And they all use the same data to “predict” changes in the marketing world. Or they re-purpose existing information about things like public RFPs.  These can attract the likes of…
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Why Agencies Need to Do it Differently

think differently

I just finished presenting a webinar to about 100 agencies that was designed to help them understand that they need to start thinking about things differently if they expect to survive long-term. And it goes a lot further than just doing all the things we’ve told agencies in our Agency of the Future Infographic about…
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New Business Distraction-Lose Traction

I was in a kick-off meeting with a new agency client the other week and they asked a legitimate question: We want to add more prospect categories to the mix, but will it prove a distraction to the overall effort? This agency has a tremendous amount of experience in three core sectors, so our initial roadmap…
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RSW/US Video: Your prospects are investing in themselves, are you?

RSW/US’s Lee McKnight with the next video in our “60 Second Series,” pulled from our 2017 New Business Outlook Report. This second video is all about investment: your prospects are investing in themselves, are you investing in your firm?

Marketer Comments


Like in past New Year Outlook survey reports, we asked for marketer comments about what they felt was most troubling trend they were seeing as it related to agencies. These will just give you a flavor for where marketers’ heads are at – which hopefully can help you better manage how you deal with your…
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Another Agency Pitch…and Another Amazing End

Agency pitch miss

In the final phases of an agency search for one of the nation’s largest credit unions and once again, I found it amazing. I had an opportunity last week to sit through three pitch presentations from three agencies that all met the criteria of what we were looking for to support his client’s business. The…
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Combating the rise of in-house agencies

In-House Agencies-Friend or Foe? We’ve talked about trends like increasing amounts of project work from our latest survey report, and another is the rise of in-house agencies. Nearly 80% of agencies predict their clients will move some marketing services in-house in 2017-that’s a 23% increase over 2016’s prediction. Now it’s only that-a prediction, but it’s…
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