An agency principal asked me a really interesting question recently: Would you ever hire a telemarketing firm? Obviously, I had to set aside the fact that we’re a new business development firm and he meant of course, if I were in his place. I’d never been asked it before.  In our 13 years of business, […]

We’ve just released the 2016 RSW/US Agency New Business Survey Report.   This is a survey we conduct every two years; 2016 presents our fourth report in the survey series. The primary objective of the Agency New Business Survey is hearing from agencies about the new business environment, and how industry changes have been affecting the […]

We’re several weeks into the RSW/US “Winning Hands” promotion on Instagram.  Every week we’ve “dealt” five cards on Instagram, and every hand’s a winner that can keep your firm out of the agency new business shuffle. This week  a couple of the cards dealt presented a pair of tips that are very much related: This […]

As we were developing the Ups and Downs of Agency New Business infographic, a colleague here at RSW/US who is a New Business Director, shared a “down” that relates closely to “Level 4” of the infographic: Manage the Meeting. This experience happened about five years ago, but was so painful, the memory still haunts. The […]

  Seasonal habits die hard.  It just feels like agency new business planning should be in the air! Years ago, as a Consumer Marketing Manager for top household cleaning products, spring brought flowers, birds returning from winter homes, and the hatching of the business planning process for the upcoming calendar year. It’s highly likely that the […]

You use it don’t you? You probably just used it. Take the word “just” out of your new business vocabulary now and your outreach will improve for it. It seems harmless and it’s ubiquitous, but it can undermine your efforts. I’ve found myself doing it and it wasn’t until a recent agency client brought up […]

The numbers are enough to make you howl.  Our recent survey shows: 59% of Marketers told us they have been consolidating agencies recently. 63% indicated they expected this trend to continue. At the same time, 88% of agencies say they are getting more aggressive with new business strategies. Accordingly, 79% of Agencies indicate the industry […]

On a regular basis, we survey Marketers individually for input that establishes benchmarks on how their current agency is performing. One of the questions asks Marketers to assess the ability their agency exhibits in keeping pace with the evolution of digital marketing.   With only 47% of Marketers saying their agency is ahead of the “digital […]

  Tenacious.  Competitive. These are just a couple of words to describe the Badger, one of the animals highlighted in our Infographic, 8 Animal Traits You Need to Future-Proof your Agency. It’s fairly obvious that these are traits an Agency needs to possess for success.  But yet another trait of the Badger is very relevant […]

In our recent New Business Tools webinar, we noted the steady growth in the number of agencies reporting they use email marketing tools for agency new business. Since we began surveying and reporting on agency use of technology in new business development, email marketing tools have climbed from the #4 spot to #2, right behind […]