Experian Marketing Services released its latest annual Digital Marketer Report and there a few good new business takeaways there.


. . .senior marketers were most likely to say that branding (49%) – telling their story and standing out against competitors – and customer acquisition (45%) are their biggest challenges.

And second:

. . .senior marketing leaders need integrated cross-channel strategies in order to attain their top priorities of telling brand stories more effectively and building more relevant interactions.

Here’s a handy chart as provided by Marketing Charts:


Why is this important to your new business efforts? (Other than being aware of data like this ongoing.)

Three reasons why (whether you’re a digital agency or not):

1) 54% of marketers say they’re trending toward agency consolidation – and more (63%) expect to drive further in this direction over the course of the next 1-2 years. (As taken from our 2015 New Year Outlook Report)*

-It’s more important now than ever that your agency integrates (actually integrates, not lip service) or has reliable partners to service clients.

2) 84% of marketers state it is somewhat/very important for digital-only firms to do more than just digital if they are going to remain relevant.*

-While these are digital marketers, branding and customer acquisition are not digitally-specific problems.  Marketers need your digital firm to understand, embrace and more and more, execute against, traditional concepts.

3) Marketers are predominantly concerned with the agency struggle to effectively take advantage of data and analytics.*

-Along these lines, a final quote from Experian’s report:

Yet most [marketers] (50%) are relying on basic data, with fewer using behavioral (39%) or attitudinal (19%) data that would be available from richer customer profiles.

 -Don’t let your agency get left behind on the data and analytics front.

And overall, in your prospecting efforts, content and pitches, make sure you show, don’t tell, your potential clients that you’re on top of data like this.

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