Everyone Is Calling Your Prospects, And Not Just Your Competitors

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The daunting cold call, a process that really shouldn’t be if you handle correctly, but even then, agencies often forget everyone is calling your prospects and not just your competitors.

Although we actually don’t like to refer to it as cold-calling, because literally calling someone cold is ineffective, but I’m probably preaching to the choir here. You’ve got to have a process in place to show your agency’s value up front before, during and after the actual call.

Everyone Is Calling Your Prospects, And Not Just Your Competitors











Along those lines, Mirren’s Brent Hodgins wrote a post titled ‘Why Your Calls Don’t Get Returned” and it provides some great baseline reminders about the initial reach-out to prospects. (If you’re not familiar with Mirren, they’re a boutique training and recruiting firm, specializing in new business-you can find them here.) 

The post is now down, but I can tell you my favorite takeaway:

Clients get calls from agencies all week long. In fact not just from your competitors, but from printers, magazines, radio stations, television reps, and other assorted marketing properties looking for their weekly handout.

This should be etched into your brain before ever reaching out:

Everyone is calling your prospects

You’re just one in a long line of people calling on your prospect, so you’d better differentiate quickly and be respectful in the process.

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