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Last week was quite a “win” week for RSW/US clients.

Five wins for five different clients in one week!

And we started out this week with a sixth!

As we have matured as an outsourced agency new business development firm, we have gotten better and better at helping our clients move leads forward, preparing our clients for the meetings we set, and sniffing around for potential new business opportunities for our clients.

Important changes have happened over the years that have helped us improve the closing activity for our agency new business clients.  Here are just a handful of them:

  • Giving new business directors added incentives when their agency client closes business so they go beyond just setting meetings.
  • Having new business directors quietly sit in on calls to help coach/counsel their agency clients
  • Reviewing the proposals, presentations, RFP responses that agency clients are submitting to help them put their best foot forward
  • Pushing clients to make sure they’re staying on top of follow-up after a meeting with a marketing prospect
  • Helping them with follow-up when they can’t
  • Carrying them through a “Getting to Close” webinar when they start a program with us so they follow best practices when engaging with marketing prospects
  • Using RSW/EarlyAccess, our proprietary resource that informs us when marketers read our content about finding new agencies
  • Knowing when new CMOs and other marketers enter new jobs via our daily “new hire” report
  • Reaching out with relevancy to smartly engage prospects with empathy and understanding
  • Using value-added content to stay meaningful and relevant among marketers we’re connect with

I learned very early on after starting RSW/US in 2005, that it wasn’t enough to just get meetings.

We can get you all the great meetings in the world…but if you aren’t closing, you won’t be happy.

So, that puts us in a position where we have a responsibility to help you and the prospect move down the line to close.

We have a higher order purpose here at RSW/US.

We aren’t just about meetings.

And despite everything I said above, we aren’t just about moving clients to close.

We are about helping agency leaders build the businesses that they started or are now responsible for running.

RSWUS Team Photo

It’s great when our clients win!