Here’s Why Kurt Russell Is Your New Business Development Inspiration

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Let’s get this out of the way now-I basically have a man-crush on Kurt Russell.

I still count The Thing and Escape From New York as two of my favorite sci-fi movies ever.

And this art show on the man (Kurt Russell Is Getting His Own Art Show Because Sometimes the World Is a Good Place)  gave me the inspiration for this post.

Here’s Why Kurt Russell Is Your New Business Development Inspiration

So why is Kurt a new business development inspiration?  3 reasons:

1. He Sticks With It

His career started as a child actor in 1962 (Dennis the Menace!) through Disney and on into adulthood-if you check out his IMDB page, since ’62, he’s never stopped working, making at least one movie almost every year. Like your new business program needs to be, he’s consistently worked at his craft.

2. He’s Resilient

He’s been at it since ’62-have all those films been amazing?

No (looking at you Captain Ron), but that didn’t deter him from continuing.

Sure, he wasn’t always able to attain peak levels of Kurt Russell awesomeness (although actually I blame the individual directors, couldn’t have been Kurt’s fault, right?) but he took those “losses” in stride and came back       .

His next movie after Captain Ron, by the way?


Here’s Why Kurt Russell Is Your New Business Development Inspiration

I need say no more.

3. He’s a Badass

OK, I don’t know the man personally, but one thing you can give Kurt Russell-he’s got a swagger that cannot be denied. (Is this post getting weird now?)

In all seriousness, it’s something the best new business people have-that ability to show they have it-that undefinable quality that shows they are damn good at what they do, and while they’re not shouting it to the world like a pompous idiot, it’s something anyone can see outwardly-even while inwardly there may be moments of insecurity.

So there you have it.

If you find your new business flow a bit off, just ask-WWKD.

What would Kurt do?

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