Per Adweek, Publicis Groupe CEO and chairman Maurice Lévy spoke at the 4A’s Transformation conference and said, amongst other things:

“I am convinced that existing ways of agencies and particularly holding companies have to come to an end,” Lévy said. “We must invent new strategies and new ways of doing business.”

And Adweek further explained: in his new vision for Publicis Groupe, the company will no longer be called a holding company, but a “connecting company,” because the holding company model, Lévy said, is dead and gone. Connecting company or Holding company, these giants see changes need to be made, but the thing about giants, they tend to move slowly.

Holding Company Problems (They Have To Restructure)-Use Them To your Advantage

As they’re making these moves at varying stages of speed, your small to mid-sized agency sits in a very strategic position-

IF you’ve made or you’re making your own moves to make sure your agency is prepared for the future.

Per the article:

Lévy said. “No question, creativity will remain indispensable, but we need something new, stronger, built for the future, for the needs of our clients, something better than just a blend of creativity and tech, a general alchemy able to transform.”

I talk to small and mid-sized agencies every day that are already there, or on the path, and it’s exciting.

But it means nothing if you don’t also have your new business strategy in place so that prospects know not only that you exist, but you’re in a position now to provide the type of services that will bring them to new levels.

We created an eBook around the agency of the future you can download here to give you some insight into what marketers are looking for and ideally, inspiration to get your agency where you want it to be.


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