Do you know the answer?

It’s typically 6 to 10 times.

What I’d like to see now is your reaction. Not going to happen obviously (although feel free to leave a comment in its place.)

Does this surprise you? Are you doubtful of this stat?

Or have you been doing this for a while and you know it’s correct.

 How Many Times To Touch That Lead

Google It If You Doubt

Because Google is always right. In all seriousness, give it a shot and you’ll find plenty of back-up for it.

The “magic number” is about 7 touches.  And it bears out in our agency new business efforts as well.

I made “touches” the topic of this post, specifically because we talk a lot on this blog about not giving your prospects the hard sell.

Still 100% behind this selling tenet, but I wanted to focus on the importance of also being aggressive.

As In Life, All About Balance

As an example, RSW/US contacts our agency prospects minimum of once a week with our newsletter.

Key to this is we’re not selling to them once a week but we are trying to provide weekly value.

And of course, we’re doing our best to make sure we’re remembered, that we’re front and center when that agency principal thinks about the new business process.

But being able to balance your precious time is, as you’re probably nodding your head, the key to the process.

First 4-6 weeks=Once a Week

A newsletter is of course a great way to keep you top of mind.

But what about the more individual approach?

Rule of thumb is first four to six weeks of a new prospect, touch them once a week.

This can be tough, but the key, again, is balance.

Channels=Use ‘Em All

In this case, balancing your use of channels.

Ideally you’re using them all-phone, newsletter, social media, email, etc.

That way you’re not just picking up the phone every week and asking, heaven forbid, “if they’re ready yet.”

And after that first 4-6 weeks, stick with them once a month, on average.

Per my earlier comment, you need to find the right balance when it comes to time.

It’s a given that clients take up most of it.

But you have to have a plan that works on a consistent basis.

And don’t be afraid to reach out more than once a week in that first 4 to 6 weeks, so long as you’re providing value in some form and not blatantly selling with every touch point.

Thankfully not every prospect takes those seven touches, timing is everything.

But remember seven as a rule of thumb when you’re getting discouraged, it will happen.


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