How Often Should You Follow-up with Prospects?


It is crucial that you constantly follow-up with your prospects… and often.

How often should you follow up with prospects?

In my experience, the answer is, more than you think.

Recently, I reached out to one of my clients asking how their follow-up was going on a prospect that had shown interest a few months back. The client mentioned there hadn’t been much progress since they last talked and he was assuming things were dying off.

I dug a bit deeper, asking when he last proactively reached out.

It had been a short e-mail about 4+ weeks ago.

Right then I decided to jump on the phone and simply call the prospect myself. Luckily, I caught him, and it was interesting what I discovered.

The prospect mentioned he was still very interested and apologized for not being able to respond to our e-mails.

He hadn’t lost interest; he had just lost time. Things came up, priorities changed. it was that simple. In fact, their need was becoming more pressing, and it was time to schedule a follow-up Meeting – and we did!

The lesson? Follow-up more.

Be respectful, but be aggressive. Show them you’re eager to help!

Brandon is a long-time new business director at RSW/US and also heads the RSW Philanthropy Team