Get ready for a very unscientific post, but an important one for your new business program nevertheless. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at length, both on the phone and in person this week, with 2 of our agency clients. As Business Development Director at RSW/US, I talk to agency principals just about every working day, […]

second date

I was talking to an agency principal today about our services and asked about the challenges they’d faced in the past bringing in new business. She gave me an example of a very capable salesperson they hired who did a great job of opening doors.  The problem was that was it-a door opened and then […]


Getting your agency employees on the new business bandwagon can greatly enhance your chances of success in obtaining new clients.  But I don’t have to tell you, it’s easier said than done; especially for mid-size and smaller agencies, as time is at a premium and taking care of clients invariably (and understandably) comes first.   […]


In our recent survey on Ad Agency new business, principals of Agencies note they continue to struggle with finding and maintaining effective new business managers. 69% of all respondents in the survey stated they replaced (on one or more occasions) the new business manager they brought into the Agency to help them build business. The […]


I received an email from a salesperson this week that was similar to many I receive: giant blocks of text, staring at me, unyielding, from my screen. I was immediately exhausted and the delete button became my savior. Interesting that Marketing Profs had an article last week discussing this very issue, titled Two Sure Ways to Make […]