Our latest infographic is available to download now and ideally it does serve as a little new business cold water wake up. Our latest report actually provides many reasons for you to be optimistic about this year, but it also highlights some of those areas where marketers and agencies don’t see eye to eye. Specifically, in […]

Let’s get this out of the way now-I basically have a man-crush on Kurt Russell. I still count The Thing and Escape From New York as two of my favorite sci-fi movies ever. And this art show on the man (Kurt Russell Is Getting His Own Art Show Because Sometimes the World Is a Good […]

And that’s OK. We’ve had agency principals tell us straight up: “I didn’t start this agency to be a salesperson-that’s why I’m hiring you guys.” And no, this post will not turn into an RSW commercial, but I’m speaking to you, agency principals-if you don’t have that new business chromosome, don’t run the new business […]

Our e-book, 10 Agency New Business Questions, features interviews with five agency executives who have responsibility for new business within their firms. What is interesting is that each new business leader takes a slightly different approach and succeeds. Variables include inbound and outbound emphasis, channels for delivering thought leadership, even who within their respective firms […]