We’re not big proponents of selling ourselves too often in our blog, but creating content around client wins is a cause for celebration, and you should always take time to take a breath and celebrate the wins. Here’s a client win video our Marcom team created for an NYC client who focuses on the entertainment […]

From page 12 of our 2017 RSWUS Agency-Marketer New Business Report, we asked the question: How often do you get calls or emails from marketing service firms? Per the graph below, even on the low side, 39% of marketers told us they get calls and emails at least 1-5 times a week. For those of […]

An interesting post from Bob Hoffman at his blog The Ad Contrarian, focused on brand preoccupation with data. At one point, Bob lays these three points out: On the other hand, big picture marketers know a few big things: People are more likely to buy brands they’re familiar with. People are more likely to buy […]

Not just nagging here: doing the homework on your prospects is crucial. Marketer feedback from the 2016 RSW/US New Year Outlook Survey brings up a recurring theme: marketers feeling like their agencies do not understand sufficiently their business, their industry or the challenges they face. Certainly, marketers want their current agency partners to be vested, […]

The importance of differentiated agency positioning comes through from yet another of the 2016 RSW/US Thought Leader Survey panelists, Peter Caputa IV. Peter is a Vice President of Sales at HubSpot, where he oversaw HubSpot’s global agency partner program from inception in 2009 to 40% of HubSpot’s new business and 2900 agency partners by the […]

In a recent client kickoff with an agency client, one of the principals said, “You know I get so many sales calls and emails and in the majority of them, they end with “we’d love to set some time to meet, we’d love to introduce ourselves, we’d love to. . . .something.” She went on to […]

  Our 2016 Thought Leader Survey presented questions from six industry Thought Leaders about current developments and trends in the industry.  Each panelist also offered a piece of agency new business advice. Best-selling author and consultant, Jay Baer is one of the contributors to the survey.  Jay’s blog, Convince and Convert, is the #1 content […]

It’s inevitable-in sales you have peaks and valleys, it’s not for the weak of will. The successful salesperson knows what to do to get out of the valley, but I hear of and see people that are responsible for driving agency new business who wallow in that valley. Why? Two reasons. 1) You’re waiting  For […]

And Persistent.      Okay.  I said it.  AGAIN. We do talk about polite persistence a lot at RSW/US.  Actually, we do more than TALK about it, we practice it.   But if you’re a bit weary of us talking about being “politely persistent” in pursuit of new business prospects for clients, we could call […]

Agency New Business And The Demise of Voicemail-What to Do About It

When corporate powerhouses like Coca Cola and JP Morgan Chase eliminate employee voicemail services, it may seem that the job of agency new business development just got harder. Hold the phone though! It’s an opportunity to leverage live conversations, as well as other prospecting resources.