When the week kicks in (all too soon) and your agency new business activity kicks into gear, think about the picture below:   As important as a content engine is for agency new business, agencies tend to forget that what they’re saying about their agency is equally if not more important than how they say […]


One of my favorite  bands, R.E.M., broke up in September 2011. What does that have to do with the new business letter? Read on. It is widely argued that perhaps it should have happened when original drummer Bill Berry left in 1997.  (I am, sadly, inclined to agree.) Nevertheless, they left a great legacy, with […]

Used to be BFF

Ad agency new business, you’re such a fickle mistress. As an agency principal and/or new business director, you’re given a great deal of advice, but one channel you rarely see mentioned as of late is direct mail, and more specifically, the envelope.   The envelope gets no love, does it? It’s funny, we’ve actually heard […]