RSW/US Video: Project Work-Are you prepared-internally and externally?

The RSW/US 60 second agency new business video series, specifically, talking Project Work. It’s been a hot topic from our 2017 New Year Outlook Report and with multiple agency principals I’ve talked to. Many agencies are embracing this ongoing trend (no, it’s not new) but just as many marketing services firms are still AOR-centric, and…
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2017 RSW/US New Year Outlook Webinar: Agency Survival…How Far Must You Go?

Our owner, Mark Sneider, held our 2017 RSW/US New Year Outlook Webinar on March 1st, 2017.  In it, he that showcased key findings and critical implications for agencies and PR firms from our 2017 New Year Outlook Report. You can view it by clicking here: New Year Outlook Webinar While many aspects of the industry will remain…
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RSW/US Agency New Business-Stuck In The Past Or Prepped For The Future Video

Our latest agency new business video explores some key areas agencies should be aware of to better prepare for the future. Our video highlights the importance of marketing technology, the rise of CIO’s and continual investment in your business. Download the infographic here.

Marketer Comments


Like in past New Year Outlook survey reports, we asked for marketer comments about what they felt was most troubling trend they were seeing as it related to agencies. These will just give you a flavor for where marketers’ heads are at – which hopefully can help you better manage how you deal with your…
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The Cold Water In Your Agency New Business Face!

Our latest infographic is available to download now and ideally it does serve as a little new business cold water wake up. Our latest report actually provides many reasons for you to be optimistic about this year, but it also highlights some of those areas where marketers and agencies don’t see eye to eye. Specifically, in…
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Another Agency Pitch…and Another Amazing End

Agency pitch miss

In the final phases of an agency search for one of the nation’s largest credit unions and once again, I found it amazing. I had an opportunity last week to sit through three pitch presentations from three agencies that all met the criteria of what we were looking for to support his client’s business. The…
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Agency New Business-Now We Live In A World Of Gatekeepers

A stat I’ve spoken to previously that bears repeating: 63% of agencies told us it was harder to break through to prospects in 2016 than the previous year. The reason: where there used to be the traditional gatekeeper you had to get through to reach the decision maker, now you’re surrounded by gatekeepers. (Thanks technology!)…
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Register now for the New Year Outlook Webinar

  Join us on March 1st at noon EST for our 1 hour (free) New Year Outlook Webinar that showcases key findings and critical implications for agencies and PR firms as they roll through 2017. You can register by clicking here. While some aspects of your business will remain the same in ’17, there are…
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Combating the rise of in-house agencies

In-House Agencies-Friend or Foe? We’ve talked about trends like increasing amounts of project work from our latest survey report, and another is the rise of in-house agencies. Nearly 80% of agencies predict their clients will move some marketing services in-house in 2017-that’s a 23% increase over 2016’s prediction. Now it’s only that-a prediction, but it’s…
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The 3C’s to Successful Pipeline Building


The 3C’s to Successful Pipeline Building. Too many agencies prospect in fits and spurts. Too many agencies are terrible at marketing themselves. Too many agencies don’t take the time to build an organized new business process. Winning new business starts with building a solid pipeline of potential opportunities. Building a solid pipeline starts with developing…
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